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Buy back guarantee worthy of your luxury timepiece

Purchasing a luxury timepiece is an undeniably enjoyable experience, and at Luxe Watches we specialise in the most beautiful and world-renowned luxury watch brands there is to offer. They are to be admired, prized and cherished. Such a purchase should rightly be considered as a financial investment, and just as with any investment, you want to ensure that you’re making a sound financial decision.

For this reason, we’ve created an industry leading luxury watch buy back guarantee which provides you with two full years where, should you wish to, the ability to resell your watch back to us for a fixed price that is agreed before you even purchase your timepiece.

Buy back guarantee on all of our watches

We don’t believe in ‘ifs and buts’ – we believe only in a solid buy back guarantee that extends to every single one of our watches, regardless of brand or model; unlike our competitors, we cover everything from an Audemars Piguet to an Omega watch.

A rock solid watch buy back price that is set in stone

Luxe Watches carved out a name within the industry as a tried, tested and trusted retailer of some of the world’s finest watches; so why would our buy back guarantee be any different? That’s why we provide a fixed price for your watch prior to your purchase.

Complete peace of mind and robust protection against depreciation

This isn’t merely a buy back guarantee – it’s a robust promise of peace of mind and complete protection from depreciation. It provides you with a comprehensive guarantee that the investment you’re making, and the luxury watch that you’re choosing, will hold its value.

An ideal answer for the lover of luxury watches

With a world full of beautiful watches, you may well choose to change your timepiece or upgrade it frequently. Our buy back guarantee allows you to do so without concern for depreciation.

Questions, queries or simply wish to talk about our buy back guarantee?

Here at Luxe Watches, we’re on hand to help. You can call our boutique on 0203 397 1596 to speak directly with a sales adviser who will assist you with any queries you may have, or you can contact us via email.

The Luxe Watches buy back guarantee: Complete peace of mind for the luxury watch owner.

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