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The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: SIX

The forthcoming weekend is going to be extremely eventful for Phillips Auctioneers. The prestigious auction house, which recently made headlines after smashing its previous record for overseeing the sale of the most expensive wristwatch to have ever been sold at auction by an astounding $6 million, has without a doubt had an exciting year. The eagerly anticipated Phillips in association with Bacs and Russo Geneva Watch Auction: SIX will take place at 7:30 pm (CET) on 11 November, immediately after the ‘Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection’ of Heuer Watch Auction. After browsing through the Phillips catalogue, it is clear that there will be some extremely rare and remarkable timepieces up for sale this weekend. The auction will open with lot 101, a rare and attractive white gold Rolex chronograph, and conclude with one of the most unique and extremely rare yellow gold dual crown world time Patek Philippe wristwatches with 24-hour indication. In total, there will be a staggering 157 lots up for bidding over the two-day split auction, and there are a few timepieces in particular that have kept passionate watch collectors impatiently waiting for this event. Patek Philippe (Ref. 2497) White Gold Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch Credit: Phillips Geneva Auction: SIX Catalogue Patek Philippe will always be known for its unique and complex designs. The swiss manufacturer is without doubt one of, if not, the most sought after watch brand of all time, and so the Geneva Watch Auction: SIX will be a treasure trove for those hoping to get their hands on such prized items. One of the favourites will undoubtedly be the extremely rare and beautiful white gold perpetual calendar wristwatch with center seconds and moon phases. The timepieces' clear white face is particularly striking, as are the unusual protruding white gold minute markers. Produced in 1954 and subsequently sold on 27 November 1963, the timepiece is in great condition with the original strap still attached. The day/month window is conveniently layered with a slightly magnified crystal to ensure that the owner can read the information with ease. The extraordinary timepiece proudly showcases the beauty and elegance of a Patek Philippe design, and bids are, not surprisingly, expected to hit the higher end of the estimates. Estimate CHF 1,500,000-3,000,000 $1,550,000-3,100,000 €1,290,000-2,590,000 Patek Philippe (Ref. 2499) Pink Gold Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Third Series “the pink perfection” Credit: Phillips Geneva Auction: SIX Catalogue Another timepiece that is expected to receive a popular reception, is the Patek Philippe Pink Gold Perpetual Calendar Third Series, otherwise known as “the pink perfection”. The condition of the highly sought after timepiece is superb, the 18-carat pink gold case is untouched, the stunning dial, which includes the iconic moon phase indicator, is elegantly detailed and the movement is flawless. It is obvious that this particular lot is one of Philips’ favourites, having devoted a number of pages to describing its immaculate appearance in the Geneva Auction: SIX catalogue, stating ‘it is a vision of beauty and grace woven from the same material as dreams’. Every aspect of the wristwatch including its striking minute markers, movements (No. 869’441), case (No. 2’637’716) and text are all immaculately unspoiled as if the timepiece was preserved within a museum display cabinet for the past four decades. The timepiece will be sold with a Patek Philippe original presentation box and a Patek Philippe extract, confirming the date of production in 1971, and its subsequent sale in 1972. The Patek Philippe pink perfection, and the Patek Philippe white gold perpetual calendar, are both the most expensive lots at auction, and the biddings for these particular pieces are expected to be the highlight of the weekend. Estimate CHF 1,500,000-3,000,000 $1,550,000-3,100,000 €1,290,000-2,590,000   Rolex (Ref. 6263) Paul Newman MK 1.5 Panda with Tropical Outer Track Credit: Phillips Geneva Auction: SIX Catalogue Last, but by no means least is the rare and attractive stainless steel Rolex MK1.5 Panda with a tropical outer track. The timepiece boasts the extremely popular and sought after ‘Paul Newman’ dial that has, since the mid-1960s, become one of the most recognisable designs amongst Rolex chronographs. The wristwatch is otherwise called the “Panda” because of the contrasting off-white dial and black sub dials resemblance to the fur of a panda. The particular design has since been discontinued, ironically because of the world’s poor response to its release, and lack of sales. However, four decades on, and the rare ‘Paul Newman’ wristwatches are in high demand. A feature that adds to the uniqueness and desirability of this particular timepiece is the fascinating colour change of the outer minute tracker, from black to an appealing brown-caramel ‘tropical’ colour. The wristwatch has aged well and as a result, has become one of the rarer and more attractive Rolex chronographs in circulation. The Rolex Cosmograph, which was produced in 1972 and will be accompanied by a fitted Rolex presentation box at auction, would certainly be an exceptional addition to any first-class private collection. Estimate CHF 300,000-600,000 $310,000-620,000 €259,000-518,000 Registration is now open for live bidding in the digital saleroom. Or you can bid in real-time, online or via the Phillips IOS and Android app. For more information and the opportunity to view the lots up for sale via the Philips website click here.
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