Rolex Watch Servicing and Repairs

Rolex watches are the ultimate status symbol of luxury and sophistication as well as being a great investment. With that being said, it’s essential that as an owner of a Rolex watch that you keep your timepiece in a high quality condition and regularly have it serviced. This is not only so you can continue to enjoy your watch and one day pass it onto the next generation but so that it also holds its value. Whether you regularly wear your watch or keep it in storage for special occasions, Rolex watch servicing is a must.

At Luxe Watches, we specialise in providing luxury watch repairs and services for premium brands such as Rolex. When repairing and servicing Rolex watches we match the quality, precision and high standards of the original manufacturers.

Rolex watches are intricate and sophisticated mechanical devices that have been designed and engineered using the latest materials and most modern watchmaking techniques. Rolex watches are finely tuned machines and as such require proper care and attention in order to guarantee a long running life of carefree operation. We are able to repair and service a wide variety of Rolex watches including but not limited to the following:

Rolex Watch Servicing

We offer an extensive range of high quality luxury watch repairs and servicing options for all models of Rolex watches. When we service your Rolex, we carefully and rigorously carry out a variety of checks such as reviewing your watch’s movement, restoring the lustre to the metal and test timekeeping accuracy. To have your Rolex watch serviced you can either bring your timepiece to our boutique in Essex or arrange to have your watch sent to us. With each Rolex watch servicing we provide a specialist watch clean and polish and we take extensive measures to ensure your watch is returned to you as new. Once your watch is returned to you, you’ll also receive a standard 12-month warranty upon completion for that extra peace of mind.

Rolex Watch Repairs

Should you require any Rolex repairs for your luxury watch, we have the expertise and knowledge to repair and locate parts for almost any make or model of watch. Rest assured that we will care for your Rolex as though it were our own. From replacing a damaged watch strap to repairing a damaged dial, our talented in house team of experts are on hand to carry out a variety of luxury watch repairs and services. To have your Rolex watch repaired, simply bring it to our Essex boutique or arrange to have your watch sent to us.

Rolex Watch Service Polish And Repair Price List

  • Non-chronograph Servicing – £320 + Polish £130 (discounted rate)
  • Chronograph Service – £545 + Polish £130 (discounted rate)
  • Watch Glass (Plastic) – £75
  • Watch Glass (Crystal) – £135- £175
  • Bezel insert replacement – £90
  • Yacht-Master bezel sandblast – £145
  • Standard polishing – £160


  • Watch Battery Change – £20
  • Watch Battery change & Re Seal- £65


Rolex Warranty

You will receive a 12 month warranty following any Rolex servicing or repairs from Luxe Watches.The warranty ensures our fully comprehensive repair and service options are available for an additional 2 years, should they be required. For more information on Rolex repairs and service costs, give us a call on 0203 397 1596.

Disclaimer: Luxe Watches is not affiliated with Rolex or any other Luxury Watch Brand. We are an online independent luxury watch retailer that specializes in Classic & Contemporary, Unworn & Pre-Owned luxury watches from the finest brands.