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Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches Of All Time and To Buy

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is undoubtedly one of the world’s most renowned watch manufacturers. With the luxury brands’ everlasting popularity and prestige, it's no surprise that Patek Philippe has some of the most expensive watches ever made and sold in their collection. Read our guide on the 5 most expensive Patek Philippe watches ever sold and the top 5 expensive Patek Philippe watches you can buy and sell.

5 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches Of All Time

  1. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010 - $31.19m USD

The most expensive Patek Philippe watch ever to be sold has to be the Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010. Created especially for the Only Watch Charity Auction in Geneva in 2019, the 6300A-010 sold for a whopping $31.19m USD. This particular model is the first and only Grandmaster Chime in steel, a material rarely used by the watchmaker to create a Grand Complication. Featuring 20 complications, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010 is said to be the most complex Patek Philippe wristwatch ever made. Complications include a number of acoustic functions, such as an alarm that strikes the preprogrammed alarm time and a date repeater that sounds the date on demand. Furthermore, this particular timepiece is inscribed with the words ‘The Only One’, which hypes up the exclusivity factor.

  1. Patek Philippe 2499/100P - $3,637,844 USD

The Patek Philippe 2499/100P in rose gold is one of the brand’s rarest models and in 2012 it sold for more than 3.6 million US dollars at Christie’s auction. Patek started manufacturing the Reference 2499 in 1951 and produced around ten each year, for over 35 years. As so few models were ever made, the rarity of the 2499 is what helped skyrocket its value. Its beautiful design combines three of the most desired complications including a perpetual calendar, phase of the moon indication and chronograph. While only 349 pieces of this model exist, nearly all of them were produced in yellow gold as only about 10 were made in rose gold, and just two were cased in platinum. As one of the very few pieces made in rose gold, the Patek Philippe 2499/100P is one of the rarest and most expensive watches in the world.

  1. Patek Philippe 1527 Perpetual Calendar - $5,708,885 USD

The Patek Philippe 1527 Perpetual Calendar in 18k rose gold is another of Patek’s rarer pieces and in 2010 it sold for $5.7 million USD. One of the reasons that the 1527 sold for so much is due to when the timepiece was made. Produced between 1943 and 1944 during the Second World War, the 1527 served as the inspiration for some of the most iconic wristwatches that Patek Philippe has ever made. A blast from the past, the 1527 includes several vintage features including its elongated and slightly curved lugs, its dial layout and its unusually large diameter for the time of 37.6 mm. The vintage and overall unique design of the Patek Philippe 1527 is what makes it such a timelessly elegant watch even decades later. 

  1. Patek Philippe 6300A-010 Grandmaster Chime - $31,194,370 USD

Patek Philippe 6300A-010 is one of the most complicated wrist watches ever produced and in 2019 it sold for $31,194,370 at the Only Watch Auction. The 6300A-010 was the first Grandmaster Chime to be made in steel and features 20 complications including a manually wound mechanical movement, trikework isolator indicator, second time zone with day/night indicator, day, date, month, leap-year cycle by hands, four-digit year display in an aperture, 24-hour and minute subdial and crown position indication (R,A,H). The 20 complications are displayed and adjusted through indications spread across not the usual one, but two complete dials. Therefore, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime has a swiveling case, allowing the wearer to wear it with either side of the case facing outwards. The unique design of Patek Philippe 6300A-010 is what makes it such an exquisite piece of watchmaking technology.

  1. Patek Philippe 1563 Split-Second Chronograph in 18k Gold – $1,572,789 USD

The Patek Philippe 1563 is one of three Reference 1563 that are known to ever exist and in 2013 it sold for $1,572,789 USD at Christie’s auction. Manufactured in 1947 and originally sold in 1950, this particular timepiece even has unique features separating it from the two other pieces that exist including luminous Breguet numerals and luminous sword hands. The Patek Philippe 1563 is a rare variant of the more commonly seen ref. 1463 chronograph . Both share the same water-resistant screw back case, the same foundational 13 lignes caliber and the same round pushers. However, the 1563 adds a split seconds mechanism to the chronograph. As one of three pieces, the 1563 is one of Patek Philippe’s rarest pieces. This sporty watch has a sleek design that will be forever popular with watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.

5 Expensive Patek Philippe Watches You Can Buy

  1. Patek Philippe 5131/1P-001Grand Complications World Time - $130,413 USD

Worth approximately $130,413 USD, the Patek Philippe 5131/1P-001 is the newer version of the famous Patek Philippe World Time watch. The Patek Philippe 5131/1P-001 Complication has a self winding mechanical movement and 240 HU Caliber. Featuring an opulent dial with cloisonné enamel centre including Europe, Africa, Americas, 4 yellow gold spangles and 18K gold dial plate, the Patek Philippe 5131/1P-001 has a timeless aesthetic. Water resistant to a depth of 30m, featuring a sapphire crystal case back and platinum bracelet the 5131/1P-001 is one of the most beautiful Complications in the Patek Philippe collection.

  1. Patek Philippe 5980/1R-001 Nautilus - $91,400 USD

Worth approximately $91,400 USD, the Patek Philippe 5980/1R-001 has a self-winding mechanical movement with date. Featuring a black gradient dial, gold applied hour markers with luminescent coating, rounded octagonal and porthole case, the Nautilus has epitomised the elegant sports watch since 1976. With a sapphire crystal case back, a CH 28‑520 C caliber and water resistant to a depth of 120m, the Patek Philippe 5980/1R-001 is on every watch collector's wishlist. The gold bracelet and Nautilus fold over clasp adds the finishing touch to this stunning watch.

  1. Patek Philippe 6102P-001 Grand Complications - $289,636 USD

Approximately $289,636 USD, the Patek Philippe 6102P-001 Grand Complications has a self winding mechanical movement and a 240 LU CL C Caliber. With a long standing history of astronomical watches, this Patek Philippe Grand Complications pays tribute with a celestial dial. With a dial featuring three metalized sapphire-crystal discs as well as an ellipse framing the portion of the sky visible from Geneva, the Patek Philippe 6102P-001 has a standout futuristic style. This timepiece allows its owner to admire the exact configuration of the nocturnal sky in the northern hemisphere, with the apparent movement of the stars and the phases and orbit of the moon. Two skeletonized hands point to the hours and minutes of mean solar time. An Ellipse, deposited on the underside of the sapphire glass, frames the portion of the sky visible from Geneva and all other cities located at the same latitude. Featuring a platinum case, sapphire crystal case back, navy blue alligator strap and water resistant up to a depth of 30 metres, there’s nothing not to love about the Patek Philippe 6102P-001.

  1. Patek Philippe 6002G-010 Grand Complications - $1,500,000 USD

Approximately $1,500,000 USD, the Patek Philippe 6002G-010 Grand Complications has a mechanical manual wound movement and a R TO 27 QR SID LU CL Caliber. On the front of the timepiece there is a perpetual calendar with retrograde date hand, hours and minutes of mean solar time as well as day, month, leap year in apertures and moon phases. On the reverse side there is a sidereal time, sky chart, phases and orbit of the moon. With a white gold case, interchangeable full back and sapphire-crystal case back, the Patek Philippe 6002G-010 reflects watch making artistry at its finest. Humidity and dust protected only and featuring a shiny black alligator strap with fold over clasp, the 6002G-010 is the epitome of luxury.

  1. Patek Philippe 7300/1450R-001 Twenty~4 - $385,568 USD

Approximately $385,568 USD, the Patek Philippe 7300/1450R-001 has a self-winding mechanical movement, 324 S calibre and sweep seconds hand. Featuring a dial fully paved with diamonds, gold applied numerals and 18K gold dial plate, the Patek Philippe 7300/1450R-001 is the brand's latest ladies watch. With a rose gold case, sapphire crystal caseback and water resistant to a depth of 30m, the 7300/1450R-001 is a true statement piece. In addition to the gem set dial, the 7300/1450R-001 also features a rose gold bracelet with diamond set fold over clasp.


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