Rolex History


Rolex was founded in London in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis under the name Wilsdorf and Davis. Shortly after the company relocated to Geneva in 1919 and trademarked their iconic Rolex logo in 1925. With a desire to perform better than its competitors, Rolex is considered one of the most elite and precise watch brands in the world. In 1910, one of their watches became the first ever to receive the Swiss Certificate of Precision. Then, in 1914 Rolex was awarded a class ‘A’ precision certificate from Kew Observatory, an award that was previously reserved only for marine chronometers.

Few other watchmakers have developed pieces with such timeless appeal. Rolex watches are coveted the world over and the brand’s timepieces have always embodied the virtues of quality, elegance and endurance since Rolex was first established at the turn of the 20th century. 

With a series of innovations under the brand’s belt including the Daytona, Submariner, GMT-Master II, Datejust, Day-Date, Pearlmaster, Yacht-Master, Sea Dweller, Sky-Dweller and so much more, Rolex has changed the world of Horology forever. When you wear a Rolex watch, you know that you’re wearing a unique piece of history.

The level of detail within each Rolex watch is truly exquisite and the brand is synonymous with luxury, quality, craftsmanship and style. Having used only the finest raw materials during the manufacturing process, Rolex has ensured that each and every component within its designs are produced to an exceptional standard. 

So much more than a luxury fashion brand, Rolex produces some of the most timeless watches in the world that can only ever be dreamed of by other watch manufacturers. Priding themselves on precision and prestige, Rolex will always be iconic.


Pre Owned Rolex Watches Essex


Luxe Watches is one of the UK’s leading in store and online stockists of Rolex watches and are proud to offer an unrivalled selection of used and pre owned watches. We are dedicated to giving you, our customers the opportunity to own the watch of your dreams and will work with you to find out exactly what you’re looking for in a Rolex

We have the expertise and technical experience to be able to guarantee the authenticity of Rolex Watches, as well as sell, source and service them. Furthermore, we also offer 0% Rolex finance, which enables more people than ever to own a luxury timepiece. 

We stock a wide range of hand picked pre-owned men’s and women’s Rolex watches all with a comprehensive 12 month warranty. All of our used Rolex watches are available to buy online or by appointment at our Essex showroom.

With over a decade of experience, Luxe Watches has gained a reputation for quality and reliability with clients and the watch community. We believe that buying a luxury timepiece should be an unforgettable experience and with our independent expertise and advice, you’re sure to find the ideal pre owned Rolex for you. For more information about how Luxe Watches can help you find the perfect used Rolex, visit us in store or contact us today.

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