13.10.2016 - News

Our Top 5 Picks From the Phillips Auction in Geneva 12th – 13th November

Geneva, Switerzerland, is home of Swiss watchmaking and therefore a very fitting venue for an amazing auction taking place in the next month. This Phillips auction is selling some very vintage and rare timepieces which we have to talk about. Here are our top five picks from the auction:
Lot 196 – Patek Philippe- Ref 1518
The Pink Gold Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Wristwatch with Moon Phases Tachymeter Scale, presented to H.H. Windsor Jr.
Lot 196
Patek Philippe’s Reference 1518 was first launched in 1941 and was the first wristwatch to include the famous perpetual calendar and chronograph at the same time. I also marked the beginning of the series. It is believed that a total number of 281 watches were made in the reference, with the majority of the watches being encased in yellow gold. This pink gold watch is believed to be one of only 34 watches known on the market – making it extremely rare.
The watch was a dedication to H. H. Windsor Jr, american author and editor of “Popular Mechanics”a classic magazine focused on popular technology. The watch was given as a gift to H. H. Windsor Jr. By fellow associates and employees to celebrate the publication’s 50-year anniversary in 1952.
Lot 157 – Rolex – Ref 6085
A highly important and most attractive yellow gold wristwatch with cloisonné enamel dial depicting a dragon.


Rolex wristwatches with fitted cloisonné enamel dials are amongst the worlds most desirable collectible watches. They are exquisitely rare and highly sought after watches. This watch, reference 6085, is a beautiful wristwatch with a cloisonné enamel dial depicting a dragon. Records for the watch indicate that the dial was made by Mrs. Nelly Richards at Stern Frères – Geneva’s most acclaimed enamelers.
The colours of the dial are vibrant and stand out against the shine of the yellow gold Rolex encasing. It is said that such exquisite dials were only fitted on Rolex’s most important watches. According to experts, only five of these dragon dials were made to date, making this watch a true Rolex masterpiece.
Lot 55 – Rolex – Ref 3330
An extremely rare, attractive and large pink gold antimagnetic chronograph wristwatch with salmon coloured dial, tachymeter and telemeter scales.
Reference 3330 and 3335 are considered amongst the rarest and largest pre-Oyster rolex chronographs ever produced by the watchmaker. Produced in the 1940s, the 3330 was considered to be way ahead of its time. Its innovative look is much more typical for today’s market.
This 3330 in pink gold is truly stunning and the rare, multi-scale salmon-coloured dial is flawless in every way. The dial is graphically complemented by a black tachymeter scale and indexes, and enlivened with a subtle blue telemeter scale.
Lot 99 – Patek Philippe – Ref 1526
A very attractive and extremely rare pink gold perpetual calendar wristwatch with phases of the moon.


Much like reference 1518, this watch was pivotal in the history of horology as it is the very first series produced perpetual calendar wristwatch. Launched in 1941 in the midst of World War II, and continued production until 1952, this watch set the benchmark from which other perpetual calendar wristwatches would get inspiration.
With its elegant “Calatrava”-style three piece round case and the flawless vanilla- coloured dial it truly is a spectacular piece. Over the decade reference 1526 was inproduction, only 210 pieces were ever made, the large majority in yellow gold, and a vey small amount made in steel and pink gold.
Lot 140 – A. Lagne & Söhne – Ref 701.005
A very fine and limited edition yellow gold tourbillon wristwatch with fusée chain and power reserve.
The A. Lagne Söhne Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite” was part of the four models launched in 1994 that reinvigorated the prestigious Glashütte-based brand to the forefront of haute horlogerie. It was produced from 1994 to 1998, in a limited edition of 150 pieces in 18 karat gold, 50 in platinum, and one in stainless steel.
This tourbillon chronometer is without any doubt the most prestigious and collectible of all wristwatches ever produced by A. Lagne & Söhne, and a true piece of engineering finery. The Pour le Mérite, is named after the order of merit established in 1740 by King Frederick II of Prussia, and signify the mark of excellence and recognition of extraordinary achievement.
By Josh Martin, Luxe Watches