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The Greatest Luxury Watch Ads of All Time

Adverts from the biggest watch brands are one of the most anticipated events of the year, and the Christmas time spawns a new batch of adverts to light up our screens.

Every brand from Rolex, Audemars Piquet and Cartier always get their slice of the action with amazing advertisements; so we thought to compile a list of the best luxury watch adverts of all time.


The Rolex Way

Rolex have always been great at creating their adverts; not just for Christmas, but all-year round!


One of our favourite luxury watch adverts was their advert from last year called ‘The Rolex Way’. This ad was to celebrate the history of Rolex, showing off the intricacy and detailing of their watches.

Although the advert is just over a minute long, they make a pretty bold statement within the video. The first sentence that they said is, “Look in all the dictionaries… There is no word for what we do”. It really does show the luxuriousness of the watches that you’re buying, and definitely makes you want to buy one!

This Rolex advert shows that unlike many other luxury watch brands, they make only watches. No jewellery, clothing or other products – just watches, so you can be sure that maximum time, effort and creativity are put into these watches before you buy them, making them a truly luxurious timepiece.


Audemars Piquet – From the Origins to Today

Another of our all-time favourite luxury watch adverts is the ‘From the Origins to Today’ advert by watchmakers Audemars Piquet.


This Audemars Piquet advert shows the history of the luxury watch brand from the foundations in 1875 to this current day. Owners Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piquet are re-enacted in the advertisement and it gives you real inside knowledge on how Audemars-Piquet began making their watches.

The slightly longer advert is definitely one of our favourites. Luxury watch brands tend to be very secretive about their watch-making history and it really tells the story of how the brand hasn’t changed much over the past two centuries!

Audemars Piquet is the only watch manufacturers still in the hands of founding families, and this luxury watch advert is definitely a family-favourite.


Cartier Winter Tale

Who says that luxury watch adverts always have to be so serious?


If you’re looking to watch a fun, light-hearted and enjoyable Christmas luxury watch advert, Cartier’s ‘Winter Tale’ is definitely one to watch.

The upbeat Christmas songs and cartoon-style video shows that there still is some fun in the Cartier brand; with an advert that is bound to leave a huge watch-shaped hole in your children’s heart.

Cartier’s classic Panther theme is plastered throughout the advert with small panther pups playing in the snow with Christmas gifts. Although it sounds childish, we’re sure that you’ll want to get your hands on one as soon as possible!


Hublot Big Bang Unico

There’s only one watch advert that you need to witness to be sure on a watch the delivers on both style and strength.


Within the first few seconds of watching this advert, you’ll know what it’s about almost instantly. Hublot create some of the toughest and manliest luxury watches around, and they definitely get away with showing this in their advert!

The ad is bold and striking, yet still manages to not fall under the pressure of compromising on detail. It shows the balance between the watch’s intricate design and its’ bold features, and how exotic materials are combined within Swiss watches to make a truly luxurious watch.


One thing is for sure when you’re buying a luxury watch – they’re luxurious in every way you can think. From their amazingly creative graphics to the intricate details of the watch; you are truly experiencing luxury and class in the best way possible.




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