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The perfect summer strap for your luxury watch

The summer is almost here judging by the glorious weather – time to get those cool clothes out. And with that, your summer luxury watch. While most watches can be worn year-round without too much trouble, there are definitely some straps that suit warmer temperatures. 

Leather watch straps, which were originally made from cowhide, are now available in some unusual materials including alligator and ostrich. And while they look smart for a conference or a wedding, they’re not the most suitable for warm weather as they may trap sweat under the band which can leave skin feeling irritable.

Here we check out some summer alternatives including rubber and nato straps, as well as bracelets.

Rubber straps

Following a surge in popularity of dive watches in the 60s, the Tropic strap was created with a basket weave pattern on it. It was a stiff rubber then but these days manufacturers have created the perfect technology to allow more malleable straps for the ultimate comfort fit.

Not only that, rubber straps are great value and offer breathability as they’re super lightweight. So whether you’re planning a deep-sea dive or playing a game of football, they’re a great fit for sport. Obviously with dressier models, rubber straps won’t be a great match.

The Rolex Yacht-Master and Rolex Daytona are the only two Rolex timepieces that come on the brand’s OysterFlex strap – a patented design for their rubber straps. Rubber straps can also be changed to various different colours if required and aftermarket straps are available from brands such as Everest.

We love how this Patek Philippe Aquanaut Stainless Steel Automatic 5167A-001 looks with this textured black rubber strap and this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph on the green rubber strap.

Nato straps

These straps, originally developed to be worn by the British Army, have been around since the 70s with similar designs dating back to WWII. After the Cold War, the design started to appear in army surplus stores and the style is incredibly popular with the public today.

Made of nylon, the NATO strap is very robust and water resistant. Not only that, it comes in a variety of colours to suit every taste. The NATO is a great way to update your watch – or make it more wearable for summer –  if the existing strap can be removed.

These straps couldn’t be teamed with a dress watch though as they have a sporty look and a more rugged construction.

Metal bracelets

Generally, any metal bracelet is a good option as they are incredibly versatile and can stand a lot of knocks and scratches! But if the bracelet contains lots of links it is more easily scratched. Plus the weight of the bracelet can make it quite a heavy option.

There are also many types of bracelet from the Rolex Oyster and Presidents, not to mention the two-tones and many types of metal on offer.

But in hot weather, you’ll definitely want to consider something perforated or mesh for enhanced airflow. But if metal is high on your agenda, we’d recommend a titanium strap. The lightweight metal is often chosen by people who have reactions to gold or silver jewellery that contain nickel. But even for those who don’t suffer, titanium is a comfortable metal, making it a great option for diving watches and activewear. 

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