08.07.2021 - News

Time to spring clean your watch collection

Lambs are leaping, flowers are flourishing and the warm weather has finally made its way to the British isles. Yes, Spring has sprung. And with it comes the urge for a good old clear out. It’s time to organise your watches and decide what can be cleaned, swapped out and sold to refresh your collection.

Clean your watches

Aside from going diving or popping into the swimming pool on holiday, when was the last time your watch saw water? Timepieces do need to be properly maintained to keep them looking smart and that means a good clean.

 All you need is some warm soapy water and a soft cloth to get your bracelet looking new. A cotton bud will easily remove any tiny particles of sand or other bits of dust that got trapped.

You can take your watch to most jewellers and they will clean it for you but be sure to tell them if you don’t want the case to be polished.


With everything nice and clean you should consider if your watches are stored in the best place they can be. Timepieces do not like to be stored in bright sunlight or humid conditions so it’s best to keep them in the dark to keep them in good nick.

Your watches should also be sorted by their type so that you can easily lay your hands on that trusty Rolex Daytona. Watches could be organised by occasion to make things easier.

Swap or sell

It could be that you’ve got a neglected Omega Seamaster lurking at the back of your wardrobe but like clothes, have you got watches you haven’t worn for some time? If you haven’t worn a watch in six months, you should move it to the front of your collection to give yourself the chance to pick it. By rotating your watches you can wear ones you had forgotten all about.

If you can’t see yourself wearing a watch again and have simply kept it because it was gifted or seemed a bargain at the time, it may be time to part-exchange it here at Luxe Watches.

Missing items

Now everything is clean and you’ve decided what to keep or sell, it’ll be clear to see which watches you wear most, what you used to like and what you’d really love but are missing from your collection. A spring clean is the best opportunity to make an inventory and decide which watches need to go.

If you have a black tie event and a swish Rolex Submariner would really set off your suit, this will be immediately apparent after your clean up. Maybe you need a yellow gold bracelet to match your wedding band? Now you know what to look for next time there’s an auction coming up or you get the chance to do a spot of luxury shopping.

Consider selling

We all know it can be hard to let go. But all the cleaning and organising may be exactly what you need to do to finance your dream dial. Watches are meant to be worn and loved – and if they’re not, it’s time to make some cash and let them find a new home.

Contact us If you’d like us to sell an existing watch on your behalf our team is more than happy to help. We also offer part-exchange deal and can offer brilliant finance deals to help you on your way. You’re sure to find a treasured new or preworn timepiece in our vast collection of the world’s favourite luxury brands.