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Types of luxury watches to avoid

So you haven’t quite made your mind up how your going to spend your cash. You just know that you want a stylish luxury watch, made to last, guaranteed to turn heads and perhaps, able to survive a dip in the sea every now and again.

With countless makes and models on the market, it can be hard knowing where to begin. Perhaps you like Hublot as a brand or admire the craftsmanship of Patek Philippe. All to often the stories that go with luxury watches can be fabricated, casting doubt on their authenticity.

Here we share some ways to avoid a disappointing purchase.

Watches from yesteryear brands 

While many collectors long for innovative or interesting historical high-end watches, actually owning them today can mean also inheriting a whole host of problems.

If a buyer suffers a malfunction with their watch, it may only be the deceased brand that can repair it. It’s always best to avoid buying complicated watches that have been manufactured by such companies for this fact alone.

Trying to get the watch repaired somewhere else could end up costing a small fortune if the watch has also gone decades without a service.

If your intention is to buy a vintage watch, it’s advisable to choose one with common movements to ensure reliability.

Celebrity-owned timepieces

These watches do exist but are incredibly difficult to locate without the help of a reliable seller. There are also unscrupulous salespeople looking to wangle a quick sale by throwing in a few celebrity names or stories to their unsuspecting targets. 

It’s important to note that just because a celebrity allegedly owned a watch (again, it’s hard to prove) doesn’t always mean that the watch itself is worth more. 

While for some the pleasure is in the ongoing of something that once belonged to someone famous, sometimes factors like quality can get in the way.

If you do fancy a watch with a name attached to it, you need to find a reputable watch dealer who can independently confirm and validate.

Watches that hurt

If you’re prepared to spend a good sum on a luxury watch, a crucial factor has got to be comfort. No one wants to spend days nursing a blistered wrist from a tightly-fitted bracelet, for the sake of how flashy it looks.

Obviously pain can be subjective and what one wearer can’t bear, another can put up with for the sake of being stylish. But you’ll want to get it right. Some straps won’t be painful forever and simply need to be worn-in for a short period.

Where possible, always try your desired timepiece on, or at least a very similar model. Put the  watch on your wrist so that it fits comfortably and doesn’t move up and down.

If you don’t notice any discomfort, that’s a great sign. All too often red marks may appear where the bracelet has been fastened or where skin has been pinched, which doesn’t bode well for frequent wear.

While there is nothing worse than finding your dream watch only to discover it’s far too uncomfortable to wear, it’s worth seeking out an approved seller to see whether the strap can be changed.

Here to help

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