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Celeb Focus : Ryan Gosling Watch Collection

Ryan Gosling. A well known Canadian actor that has made appearances in Hollywood blockbusters, had several Oscar nominations and is considered one of the most attractive men in Los Angeles. Because of all of this fame and success, you would certainly expect Ryan Gosling’s watch collection to match - and you’d be right. 

We’ve peered into the extensive celebrity watch collections from the likes of Ellen DeGeneras to Anthony Joshua. Now we’re going to take a peek at the sophisticated watch collection of Ryan Gosling, whilst also trying to not turn green with envy. 

Who is Ryan Gosling? 

Ryan Gosling is arguably one of the most popular actors of the recent decades. Skillful and passionate about every role he plays, Gosling has understandably become one of the most praised actors of his generation. Known best for the romantic tear-jerker The Notebook and the musical La La Land - for which he was nominated for an Oscar, Gosling is a versatile and accomplished performer. He raised a lot of impressed eyebrows in the hit movie  Drive, where he was able to play the bad-boy whilst rocking the retro style – with minimum fuss. Gosling’s style is effortless whether it’s on screen or on the red carpet. 

What kind of watches does Ryan Gosling wear?

Gosling is well known for his understated, classic fashion style. Timeless and nostalgically American is a way to define his taste when it comes to clothing and watches. Of course, when it comes to classic watches, for Gosling, Rolex is a firm go-to brand. He also favours Omega and Patek Philippe. You’ll see from the list below that Ryan Gosling prefers the vintage look instead of the ultra modern styles that we see a lot of other celebs choose. Let’s take a look at Ryan Gosling’s watch collection.

Rolex Submariner ref:16610

Ryan Gosling wore this watch in the 2017 hit Crazy, Stupid, Love. This watch was a popular design in the early 2000’s. It’s large, metal strap is practical without being too bulky or  over the top. The black watch face presents itself as a classic colour combination that provides an understated yet uber sophisticated look that Rolex is best known for. For Gosling, this watch is definitely one of the more modern looks that he’s known for, and models  it completely effortlessly. 

Rolex Submariner ref:16610

1950’s Rolex AirKing 5500

Possibly one of Gosling’s most famously worn watches. He was spotted wearing this watch at the Golden Globe awards ceremony in 2017. This watch has been seen on Gosling’s wrist on many day-to-day occasions. It’s smart off white face compliments the silver bracelet and 34mm case, meaning that this is the type of watch that can seamlessly match any outfit; whether that be a classic black tuxedo or a white t-shirt and jeans. As Ryan Gosling has demonstrated, this watch is perfectly versatile for any occasion. 

Patek Philippe 5196G 

Gosling has starred in his fair share of films set in the past. In Drive he wore several different watches, but the one that stood out the most was this classic Patek Phillipe. The timeless black crocodile wrist strap contrasts perfectly with the white watch face. The added detail of silver dials and casing creates an elegance that has stood the test of time. This watch is rumoured to have been a Gosling family heirloom that Ryan specifically asked to showcase in this film, and we’re so glad he did. 

Patek Philippe 5196G

Omega Speedmaster Vintage 321 

This watch was seen on Gosling’s wrist in the film First Man. Ryan Gosling plays the astronaut Niel Armstrong in the film based on the first expedition to the moon on Apollo 11. This watch that was worn in the film is period-correct to the time that this film was set, but still encompasses innovative modern style and technology. This particular piece has an attractive black leather strap with unique white thread detailing and gold markers on a wide black watch face. For a mixture of modern  and classic elegance, we can see why this was the chosen watch for this particular movie. 

Omega Speedmaster Vintage 321

Omega Speedmaster Pre-moon 105.012 

No vintage or movie watch collection from Ryan Gosling would be complete without a mention about this particular number. This was the exact same model that Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin wore when they actually went to the moon, so it was only fitting that Gosling would wear the same watch in a film about the Moon landings. It’s definitely a more practical style of watch, with a silver bracelet and frame along with several dials. The watch has an appealing black face along with contrasting gold hour marker detailing. It’s designed and built to withstand day-to-day activities… or trips to the moon. 

Omega Speedmaster Pre-moon 105.012

It’s fair to say that Ryan Gosling has been spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing watches. It’s also clear that Mr Gosling definitely has a certain style when it comes to accessories; vintage and timeless. As a young man, he certainly has a taste for classic timepieces, and we’re totally here for it. 

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