Month: <span>October 2021</span>


Watch NFT: Next Level Digital Security at Luxe Watches

NFTs - or non-fungible assets - are a big talking point at the moment in the horology world and here...


Alyx behind another MAD Audemars Piguet custom collaboration

Some would say you can’t beat a classic. But watch customiser MAD Paris has made a name out of upcycling second...


The Best James Bond Actors Ranked: Who Was The Ultimate 007?

When Ian Fleming created the fictional persona of James Bond, it was intended that he would be an “extremely dull,...


What’s my luxury watch worth?

Ever wondered what that Rolex Oyster Royal lurking in your wardrobe is worth? Had a Patek Philippe Nautilus handed down...


Meet our chief buyer… Jed Brailey

He’s been in the hot seat for 14 months and has brought about a sea of change here at Luxe...

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