Month: <span>November 2021</span>


Watch-a getting for Christmas?

With only 31 days to go until Christmas, there is certain to be anxious people out there who just have...


Celeb Focus: Gordon Ramsay Watch Collection

Gordon Ramsay is possibly the most famous celebrity chef in the world. With huge television success in the UK and...


Celeb Focus: Ryan Reynolds Watch Collection

Ryan Reynolds is famously known for his quick wit, comedy genius and likeable personality. Featuring in a vast range of...


Groundbreaking Patek Philippe NFT auction underway

Just how long have you been on the waiting list for a Patek Philippe Nautilus? It’s currently over a decade-long...


12 Best Patek Philippe Watches For Christmas

If like us, you and your near and dear are obsessed with everything Patek Philippe, then look no further. Our...


Time to spruce things up: Luxe Watches sponsors Christmas contest

Come on, now. Hands up. Who’s already been rooting about in their loft wondering if it’s too early for the...


Racing machine for the wrist: the RM 11-03 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph

We’re racing out of the grid to let you know about our latest offering for sale. Luxe Watches has managed to...


Patek’s new (and very) complicated chronographs

After a tough time during Covid, Patek Philippe is back to give a trio of iconic watches a (very) complicated...

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